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Auditing Ethics & Compliance Programs

Compliance program audits should be prioritized by CCOs, CFOs, GCs and CEOs alike. Communication and support from top management during the entire audit process plays a crucial role in extracting the maximum benefits from the initiative. Compliance programs should be qualitative and risk-centric to ensure comprehensiveness.

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GDPR and Third Parties: What Companies need to know

The GDPR clearly states that all businesses and their partners are responsible for protecting user data. Third parties are legally obligated to comply with all aspects of the regulation to ensure consistency and true protection for consumers.

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GDPR: What Companies Need to Make Available to Consumers

Everyone has been inundated with notices from companies explaining changes to their policies and seeking consent from users over the past few weeks. These changes relate to various provisions of the GDPR, and as companies adopt compliance controls to manage user data, the effects of the GDPR will continue to surface.

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