We're a full-service compliance firm.

Customized solutions for a variety of situations such as (but certainly not limited to):

The speed and agility necessary to the success and longevity of tech start-ups.
Lack of experience in GRC regulations or on-staff compliance experts.
Compliance reviews, internal audits, and comprehensive risk assessments.
The expense and complication of recent staff turnover.
Satisfaction of legal requirements with complete due diligence processes.
Need for independent advisory board for greater flexibility with structure and management.

Our clients are given dynamic solutions, with constant refinement, research, and development of new initiatives. Riddle Compliance does not simply give advice, we provide practical solutions and we assist with implementation, whether it's performing an audit, a training, or a site visit to a vendor—we're fully hands-on.


Our clients' profitability is our priority.

That's why we thoroughly review all the variables that could potentially impact their regulatory requirements:

  • Compliance manuals 
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Marketing materials
  • Auditing schedules
  • Internal controls
  • Fraud and bribery prevention 
  • Due diligence initiatives

We pride ourselves on creating strong client partnerships that feel like rocket fuel for company goals and initiatives. We take a simplified and practical approach to detangling very complex ethics and compliance issues to help our clients avoid costly mistakes. 

The bottom line is—we're passionate about supporting our clients with respect, transparency, and unparalleled compliance, ethics, risk mitigation, and governance expertise.

We partner with our clients every step of the way because effective compliance solutions require ongoing and close interaction with company CEOs, compliance officers, CFOs, and general counsels.

About Riddle Compliance:

Riddle Compliance is a boutique firm specializing in corporate compliance. Many of our clients are innovative leaders in construction, financial services, and healthcare. We are distinguishable from other firms because we build dynamic partnerships with our clients while facilitating impactful audits, trainings, internal controls and dynamic compliance solutions.